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Started: May 24 2017

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We now offer map development and map editing!
DownloadsDownload our maps for free! We take pride in accepting player criticism, whether positive or negative. Please have a look at our maps or request a map today. We offer a quick turn around time, and can customize just about any map both new or existing in any which way to fit your game server needs for your clan. Head over to our map development page to learn more and lets get started today!
SteamCMD.Info has amassed over 8,000 views
NewsThank you for visiting SteamCMD. I hope that you find the resources here very useful and pertaining to whatever it is you are seeking to do throughout the SteamCMD utility or on Steam itself. Thank you for your continued support! We will be continually delivering content in many shapes and forms, and we'd love it if you join us on this adventure. Please consider creating an account and contributing on our forums, commenting on our news, and many more great activities! We will soon be enhancing user privileges after we finish off a majority of content, and hope that you come forward with any suggestions you may have. Thank you again! We have only been online for 3 months and it's incredible to see just how useful our information is to the world.
Become a SteamCMD.info content writer: Weekly PayPal Payments
NewsWe are currently recruiting content writers.

The reality is, we could just pay someone outright to do this for us, but we'd rather give back to our loyal visitors. SteamCMD.info is recruiting content writers for strictly freelance work. Content submitted must adhere to the general background is the SteamCMD.info website and its associated acts.

Content should be submitted on a weekly basis if chosen, which will merit payments via PayPal.

To apply to become a content writer, simply create a username and password to submit their first content for screening. We are looking for writers immediately. Work on your own time, but be reachable when necessary and have a valid PayPal account to receive payments.
Dedicated Game Server Hosting Reviews
JournalBeing proficient in the game servet industry, we are below presenting pros and cons through the most popular game server hosts out there today. No two providers are the same, and neither are their servers. All server configurations are different, and how one chooses to do busineas makes it better for competing game server providers in the long run.

Here is a list of game server providers and their brief descriptions: (Continue Reading)
The SteamCMD website is now encrypted by SSL
SecurityAccept our apologies for not realizing this sooner, but we have now enabled total encryption across the entire SteamCMD.info domain. Every page you ever visit or are linked to on the SteamCMD.info website will be encrypted by 256bit SSL. Please remember, that SteamCMD.info is not affiliated with Steam Powered/VALVe Software. This is a knowledgebase website for Steam related products, services, and assistance. Do not ever share your Steam login information.
Free CSGO Skins & Knives through Weapon Paints plugin
GamesWe just posted some detailed information regarding the installation, download, and enabling this plugin through Sourcemod for your Global Offensive servers. Of course, you should always remember that by using this plugin you void the VALVe CSGO Server Guidelines, as this is a restricted plugin which makes Steam lose business from CSGO for in-game items. You risk your Game Server Login Token being banned, making your server not appear to players. However, it seems to be less of an issue to them as so many people want to do it, since it's an advantage over it's predecessor Counter-Strike: Source. Ever wanted a csgo knife skin for over $400, free? You can do that by installing weapon paints on your server. You can also be assured that this does not risk a VAC ban, as it is merely a plugin, which all players on your server can use to skin their weapons and get free knives!

More Info: https://steamcmd.info/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=3&pid=3
KF-SuperPerkTrainingDeluxe-v7d Map Download
GamesDrag & Drop Map to KF2 Folder, Launch KF2, Start a game. Boost your perks with no problem. We've just added the download for KF-SuperPerkTrainingDeluxe-v7d to our database and you don't need an account on our website to download it! If you're a KF1 veteran, you might find leveling on KF2 very difficult. This map will solve all of your problems, and it even has a motorized gmc terrain secret! Try and find it!

Download thread: https://steamcmd.info/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=2
TCAdmin Prorata Offer
SoftwareIf you need a gaming control panel to get your dedicated game servers started but have limited funds for right this moment, now is the time to get yourself into a TCAdmin license. Licenses are prorated to the first of every month, meaning if you sign up today you will be paying a discounted prorated price, somewhere under $5 for the remainder of the month.

TCAdmin v2 is easier to setup than ever, and you will waste no time after your purchase getting the entire system configured. Don't forget, before you opt in for a purchased license, you can always download a free trial license that will seamlessly upgrade to a purchased license.
Operation Hydra Update - CSGO
Games5/24/2017 - Operation Hydra released, a 800MB+ game update featuring the latest operation that includes functionality for csgo matchmaking for 2v2 lobbies. This is a mandatory update for server and client versions

Read More: Rock Paper Shotgun - Operation Hydra hits Counter-Strike: Global Offensive